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Elgin Ultra-Deco Tank Watch, Black Dial
Beautiful and dramatic Elgin 'DeLuxe,' gold filled case with elegant black dial, probably 1940s. Gold applied numerals. Good condition with minor wear, some scratches on original glass crystal. Case has a small bump of metal below crown; see photos. Mechanical movement running well. Cream-colored ostrich strap. 22mm wide, not including crown, 36mm lug to lug.
Item 6077 $165 plus $8.35 shipping and insurance (to USA addresses)

Hamilton White-Gold-Fill 'Cut-Corner', 1930s, Excellent in Box

One of Hamilton's most charming designs, in elegant 14k white gold fill and original (not refinished) silver dial. Men's 1930s watch, possibly late '20s, in 'cut corner' model. Smooth bezel; engraving around the outside of the case. Gold applied numerals, cut-corner-shape subsidiary seconds dial mirroring overall shape of watch. A lot of beaux-arts grandeur here. Also, original cut glass crystal, not a bulbous plastic replacement. Excellent condition, some minor wear at case corners. High quality 17-jewel movement. Vintage strap, Hamilton box in heavy, cream-colored celluloid with blue velvet presentation surface. Runs well though it has not been timed; was cleaned several years ago, so a service is recommended.
Item 9071
$325 plus $10 shipping and insurance (to USA addresses)

International shipping and insurance $15 for Global Priority (where available), or $30 for Express Mail---please email for Paypal invoice

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1940s Omega, Large 35mm Case, Ultra-Deco Style, Bumper Movement
I think this is possibly the most attractive Omega dial from the midcentury era. The deco numerals circle the dial, and the matte surface has a breathtaking two-tone finish. The large subsidiary second dial is nestled perfectly into the inner dial. Note the cool lugs. I've seen this case in two sizes, and this is the largest, about 35mm wide not including crown. The smaller one was about 33mm. Quadruple signed: dial, case back, inside caseback, movement. Not signed on crown. The caseback is held on by a special outer bezel ring, which is often missing, but it's present in this watch. The dial is absolutely original, and in very nice condition. Classy and good looking buff-color ostrich strap. Runs well but not serviced by me, so a cleaning is recommended.
Item 7026 $385 plus $10.45 shipping and insurance (to USA addresses)

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1940s Tissot, Extra Large Case, Ultra-Deco Dial with Machine-Age Roman Numerals
A very large Tissot with chrome case, about 37.5mm, dating from the era when Tissot was associated with Omega. The dial is spectacular. Two tone matte finish with shiny copper-colored Roman numerals. Original, with original hairline markings and some attractive aging. Sixteen jewel windup Tissot movement. Triple signed: dial, inside caseback, movement. Runs well but not serviced by me, so a cleaning is recommended.
Item 7027 $265 plus $9.40 shipping and insurance (to USA addresses)

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1940-'50s Tissot, Extra Large Wide-bezel Case
One of the most striking designs of the midcentury, this Tissot chrome-cased watch has a large expanse of metal around the dial. The extra large case measures about 37.5mm, but the smaller dial inside gives it extra drama. Excellent condition with some minor scratches. Original dial with delicate original hairline markings, near mint condition, attractive stick numerals. This is another Tissot which comes from the era when Tissot was associated with Omega---hence the similarity in styles. Tissot was supposed to be the more expensive line; its chrome cases were considered more deluxe than the stainless of the Omegas. Now, with Omega prices high, Tissot is a less expensive alternative. Sixteen jewel windup Tissot movement. Triple signed: dial, inside caseback, movement. Runs well but not serviced by me, so a cleaning is recommended.
Item 7028 $235 plus $9.40 shipping and insurance (to USA addresses)

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Authentic Vintage Movie-Star Sunglasses c1940s, "Lugene"
This is the real thing, not a reproduction, not a 'reissue'---not merely 'inspired' by old frames, but genuine, original high-quality sunglasses from the movie-star era. The style is the familiar round-lens Harold Lloyd shape, popular from the mid '20s through the '50s, but from the arrowhead rivets and the paddle-shaped temple pieces, I'd say these were made toward the end of that period. Beautiful ivory-colored celluloid with green glass lenses. Marked 'Lugene'.

Item 4035
$265 plus $8.20 shipping and insurance (in USA)


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